PASKASTOMAC Stomach Control

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    Product Overview

    🌟 PASKASTOMAC: Your Horse's Happy Tummy Secret

    Is your horse experiencing stomach discomfort? PASKASTOMAC is here to provide the relief they need.

    What's Inside:

    - Brewer's yeast
    - Wheat mash
    - Sodium bicarbonate
    - Lithothamnion
    - Marshmallow processing product
    - Calcium carbonate
    - Chicory roots
    - Sunflower oil
    - Schizochytrium sp. algae meal
    - Aloe vera processing product
    - Sodium chloride 

    How to Use:

    Simply add PASKASTOMAC to your horse's morning and evening feed:

    - Yearlings: 25g in the morning and 25g in the evening
    - Adult horses: 50g in the morning and 50g in the evening

    For optimal results, use PASKASTOMAC for one month and repeat as needed.


    Available in a convenient 3 kg bucket of powder.

    Give your horse the comfort they deserve with PASKASTOMAC! 🐴💚 #HorseHealth #StomachRelief #PASKASTOMAC