Paska'fly Gel

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     Paska'fly Gel: Your Horse's Very Own Shield Defense Against Flying Insects

    Experience immediate relief from flies, ticks, mosquitoes, and other flying pests with Paska'fly Gel. Our broad-spectrum formula offers long-lasting protection without staining your horse's coat.


    Say goodbye to insect harassment and hello to peaceful rides with Paska'fly Gel


    • Chrysanthemum Cinerariaefolium extract: 8 g/kg (Extract from open and mature flowers of Tanacetum cinerariifolium obtained with hydrocarbon solvent. CAS No. 89997-63-7)
    • Eucalyptus citriodora oil: 34 g/kg (CAS No. 1245629-80-4)


    • Instructions for Use:

      • Apply the product using the provided brush for extended repellent action. The effectiveness of Paska'fly intensifies with repeated use.

      Usage Guidelines:

      • Horses in regular work: Apply once daily.
      • Horses in recovery or others: Apply once weekly.

      Additional Information:

      • Shake well before use.
      • Available in 200 ml packaging with APPLICATOR (brush) for ease of application. The brush ensures no discomfort for the horse during product application.

        Certainly! Here's the revised version:


        • Gel - Available in two sizes:
          • 200 ml bottle with applicator
          • 950 ml bottle