No Stress FLASH Calmer Syringe

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    🌟 NO' STRESS: Your Horse's Zen Zone in a Syringe🐴🌼

    Say goodbye to horse stress and hello to a calmer, more relaxed companion with NO' STRESS. Whether your horse is nervous, over-excited, or simply needs a moment of tranquility before a big event, this calming syringe is your equine ally.

    Why Choose NO' STRESS:

    🌿 Stress-Free Performance: NO' STRESS is designed to help your horse find their calm without compromising their performance. It's the perfect solution for horses that need a little extra serenity.

    What's Inside:

    - Natural Magnesium Chloride
    - Soothing Marigold Extract

    How to Use:

    - Easy Administration: Give your horse NO' STRESS by mixing it into their feed, adding it to their drinking water, or simply squirting it into their mouth.

    - Recommended Usage: Provide 50 ml per horse per day for 5 days leading up to a stressful event, such as transportation or training. For optimal results, give it 2 hours before the event.

    - Expert Guidance: It's always wise to consult with an equine nutrition expert before using this product or extending its use, ensuring the best results for your horse.

    NO' STRESS is your ticket to a calmer, happier horse – because every horse deserves their moment of zen! 🐴🌼 #HorseCalm #NOSTRESS #EquineWellness