LPC Essential Oestrogen

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    ⚡ Essential Oestro: Harmonize Your Mare's Heat with Grace! 🌺

    Unlock a realm of calmness and comfort for your mare with Essential Oestro, the liquid dietetic feed supplement tailored for performance management and the regulation of the oestrous cycle. 🐎✨

    ✨ Key Benefits:
    - Behavioral Harmony: Master the art of controlling your mare's behavior during her heat cycle, minimizing aggressiveness, stress, and discomfort.
    - Ovarian Pain Mitigation: Essential Oestro is your ally in alleviating any discomfort or muscle stiffness associated with the mare's heat.

    📋 Instructions for Use:
    With its liquid form, Essential Oestro offers effortless administration. Simply use an oral syringe or add 25mL/day to feed rations from February to November. During the mare's heat, increase the dosage to 50mL/day for optimal results.

    🌿 Composition:
    Crafted with care, Essential Oestro blends magnesium sulfate heptahydrate, monopropylene glycol, magnesium chloride, sodium salts of benzoic acid, and water. The perfect harmony for your mare's well-being.

    📊 Analytical Constituents:
    - Moisture: 98.4%
    - Crude Protein: 0.2%
    - Crude Fibre: 0.2%
    - Fat: 0.44%
    - Crude Ash: 0.45%
    - Sodium: 0.04%

    🌈 Additives:
    Infused with natural flavorings like chamomile, hop, and chastetree, Essential Oestro offers a delightful experience for your mare. Trace elements include zinc, manganese, and copper, carefully selected for their beneficial properties.

    Choose Essential Oestro for a serene and balanced equine experience during the heat cycle. 🌸 #EssentialOestro #MareWellness #EquineHarmony #PerformanceManagement