Liquid Soap

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    1. Designed by PASKACHEVAL Laboratory Team: The product is developed and manufactured by the PASKACHEVAL laboratory team, using their level of expertise and quality control in its formulation.

    2. Potassic Liquid Soap: The soap is potassic, which means it contains potassium or potash compounds. Potassic soaps are often known for their cleaning properties and their ability to break down oils and grime effectively.

    3. Non-Abrasive: This soap is not abrasive, which means it won't harm or damage the leather's surface. It can be used as often as necessary without causing harm to the tack.

    4. Waterless Application: One of the unique features of this soap is that it can be used without additional water. This means you can apply it with a dry sponge, making it convenient for on-the-go cleaning and last-minute touch-ups.

    Directions for Use:

    1. Use with a Sponge: It's essential to use this product with a sponge. Do not apply it directly to the leather. This ensures controlled and even distribution of the soap.

    2. Do Not Spray Directly: The directions explicitly state that you should not spray the soap directly onto the leather. This is an important caution to prevent overapplication or uneven distribution of the product.

    3. Dry Sponge: You can use a dry sponge to apply the soap. This means you don't need additional water, making it ideal for situations where water may not be readily available, such as when you're out with your horse or need to make quick touch-ups.

    4. Cleaning Process: Apply the potassic liquid soap to the sponge and gently clean the leather tack by rubbing it in. The soap should help remove dirt, grime, and oil residues effectively.

    5. Rinse or Wipe Off Excess: After cleaning, you may choose to either rinse the tack with clean water or wipe off any excess soap with a damp cloth. This step ensures that no soap residue is left on the leather.

    6. Ideal for Last-Minute Touch-Ups: The soap's waterless and portable nature makes it suitable for last-minute touch-ups before a ride or show.

    By following these directions for use, you can effectively clean and maintain your leather tack using the PASKACHEVAL potassic liquid soap. This product offers the advantage of convenience and practicality, particularly for riders who require quick and effective tack cleaning solutions.


    Liquid - Spray 250ml & 500ml