Essential Tonus

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    🌿 Essential Tonus: Elevate Your Horse's Nutritional Balance 🐴✨

    Unlock the full potential of your horse's health with Essential Tonus, a mineral feed supplement designed to prevent nutritional deficiencies and provide daily tonus. 🌾🍃

    Understanding the Need:
    The horse, originally a herbivore, thrives on a natural balance of plants. However, modern demands on horses, especially in sporting activities, disrupt this balance, leading to nutritional gaps. Essential Tonus steps in to bridge these gaps caused by limited pastures and high-starch diets.

    Key Benefits:
    - Prevention of Nutritional Deficiencies: Essential Tonus safeguards against imbalances caused by traditional diets rich in oats and barley, ensuring a harmonious phosphorus/calcium ratio.
    - Bone Strength and Hoof Quality: Calcium, phosphorus, copper, Vitamin D, biotin, Vitamin E, and selenium in Essential Tonus contribute to bone strength and the production of good quality horn.

    Specific Recommendations:
    Ideal for use during the change of seasons, growth spurts, fatigue, or changes in diet.

    Usage Instructions:
    For horses with a traditional diet, incorporate Essential Tonus continuously. Tailor the dosage based on horse type: pregnant/lactating mares, stallions, racing/sport horses, foals, and small horses/ponies.

    Dicalcium Phosphate, Wheat, Sodium Chloride, Calcium Carbonate, Sugarcane Molasses, Magnesium Oxide, Rapeseed Oil.

    Analytical Constituents:
    - Calcium: 14%
    - Phosphorus: 7%
    - Magnesium: 3%
    - Sodium: 4.5%

    Trace elements, vitamins, binders/anti-caking agents, and antioxidants ensure a comprehensive and balanced nutritional profile.

    Essential Tonus: Nourishing your horse from the inside out. 🌱🐎 #EssentialTonus #EquineNutrition #HealthyHorse #HorseWellness