Cycle O'Calm- Calmer for Mares in Season

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    🌟 Cycle O Calm: Your Mare's Serenity Solution πŸ΄πŸ’–

    Experience the difference with Cycle O Calm – the ultimate mare-calming solution that's designed to make life easier for you and your equine companion.

    Why Choose Cycle O Calm:

    🌸 Stress Reduction: Bid farewell to mare stress! Our thoughtfully selected plant extracts, including passion flower, linden, jasmine, daffodil, and white willow, work together to soothe your mare's nerves, leaving her calm and collected.

    🌼 Hormone Harmony: Say goodbye to hormonal ups and downs. Cycle O Calm regulates hormone peaks during the cycle, ensuring a smoother and more peaceful experience for both you and your mare.

    πŸ‡ Improved Ride: A calmer mare means a smoother ride. With less sensitivity in the belly, your mare will be more comfortable, making each ride enjoyable.

    🐎 Less Neighing: If your mare tends to get vocal around stallions, Cycle O Calm has you covered. Expect much less neighing and more serene social interactions.

    How to Use:

    - Mix it in: Simply add Cycle O Calm to your mare's feed, drinking water, or administer it directly into her mouth.

    - Seasonal Support: During the season, give your mare 30ml of Cycle O Calm daily for 6-10 days.

    - Competition Caution: Remember to stop administering the product 48 hours before a competition or race to comply with regulations.


    Cycle O Calm is available in convenient 1-liter and 500ml bottles, ready to bring peace and harmony to your barn.

    Invest in your mare's well-being with Cycle O Calm – because a calm mare is a happy mare! 🌷🐴 #CycleOCalm #CalmMare #EquineWellness