Cycle O'Calm- Calmer for Mares in Season

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    Reduces the reactions of stress with the mare. Helps mares to deal with their hormone management in a better way by regulating the peaks in hormones during their cycle.

    The plant extracts (passion flower, linden, jasmine, daffodil, white willow) we use have stress-reducing properties, which contribute to calming mares. She will also be better to ride because she is not as sensitive on the belly. Also, neighing when with the stallion will be much less.


    Water, product of the transformation of valerian, magnesium chloride, anhydrous magnesium sulfate.


    To be distributed in the feed, in the drinking water or directly into the mouth. During season: 30ml per mare for 6-10 days.
    Stop administering the product 48 hours before a competition or a race.


    Liquid: 1 litre and 500 ml bottle.