Algua Digest Detox

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    "Algua Digest" is a specialized equine supplement designed to support various aspects of equine health, including liver and kidney function, digestion, and detoxification. Here are the properties, composition, and directions for use:


    1. Liver and Renal Support: Algua Digest contains concentrated plant and seaweed extracts that are formulated to stimulate the drainage of the liver and promote renal (kidney) regeneration. This support is essential for maintaining overall equine health.

    2. Blood Detoxification: The product is designed to aid in blood detoxification, helping to remove toxins and impurities from the bloodstream. This can contribute to improved health and vitality.

    3. Digestive Support: Algua Digest also promotes pancreatic and bile secretions, which can enhance digestion and support proper liver function. Efficient digestion is crucial for the horse's overall well-being.

    4. Detoxification Benefits: The detoxification properties of Algua Digest can potentially enhance the absorption of feed and supplements by optimizing liver and kidney function. This can lead to improved nutrient utilization by the horse's body.


    The composition of Algua Digest includes several key ingredients:

    • Sorbitol
    • Anhydrous magnesium sulfate
    • Turmeric
    • Fucus vesiculosus (seaweed)
    • Boldo
    • Black radish
    • Artichoke
    • Dandelion

    These ingredients are derived from plant and seaweed extracts and are transformed through maceration to create the supplement.

    Directions for Use:

    • Administration: Algua Digest should be given directly into the horse's mouth, mixed with feed, or added to their drinking water.

    • Dosage for Adult Horses: The recommended daily dosage for adult horses is 30 ml per horse per day.

    • Dosage for Young Horses: For young horses, the recommended daily dosage is lower, at 15 ml per horse per day.

    • Duration of Use: The product is typically used for 10 days during the first course and 6 days for subsequent courses. It is advised to detoxify roughly every 3 months, although the frequency may vary depending on factors such as the horse's diet, supplements, level of exercise, and veterinary recommendations.

    • Consultation with a Dietary Expert: It's advisable to seek the opinion of a dietary expert or veterinarian before using Algua Digest or extending its use, especially if you have specific concerns about your horse's health or dietary needs.

    By following these directions for use, you can incorporate Algua Digest into your horse's care routine to support their liver and kidney function, aid in digestion, and promote overall health and well-being. Always consult with a professional when making dietary changes or introducing new supplements to your horse's diet.


    Liquid, bottle of 1 l and 5 l.