Algie - Less

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    Introducing "Algie-Less" – Your Horse's Natural Comfort Solution! 🌿🐴

    Say goodbye to chronic pain and discomfort with our specially crafted feed supplement. "Algie Less" combines the power of nature's anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving plants, providing unparalleled relief for your horse.

    ✨ Key Benefits:
    - Comfort & Suppleness: Enhances the locomotor and muscular systems, promoting overall comfort and flexibility.
    - Natural Ingredients: Crafted with a blend of powerful plant extracts, including Boswellia, Blackcurrant, Turmeric, Willow, Nettle, and Ginger.
    - Effective Assimilation: Presented in a solution for optimal absorption, ensuring your horse gets the full benefits.

    🐎 Ideal for:
    - Horses with locomotor discomfort
    - Horses with joint problems
    - Horses experiencing muscle pain
    - Older or convalescent horses seeking relief

    🌱 Ingredients:
    Alcohol, Glycerin, Plant extracts (75%): Boswellia, Blackcurrant, Turmeric, Willow, Nettle, Ginger.

    πŸ“† Directions for Use:
    Simply incorporate "Algie Less" into your horse's feed, ensuring they experience the natural relief they deserve.

    Transform your horse's well-being with "Algie-Less" – because a comfortable horse is a happy horse! 🌟🐴 #AlgieLess #NaturalRelief #HorseWellness #EquineComfort