What We Do

    SJ EquiPro Ltd was founded by Sarah-Jane Perry in 2015 and is the exclusive distributor in Ireland and The UK for Paskacheval horse supplements and care products. 

    Paskacheval is a Brand that was established in 1959 in France and so has over 50 years experience in animal nutrition and therapy. 

    Paskacheval benefits from the expertise of over 40 senior graduates who include animal scientists, nutritionists and veterinarians. Products for competitive horses are tested by Laboratoire des Courses Hippiques (LCH) in France. 

    Paskacheval originally started with the development of care products for trotters, but over the course of time they shifted the boundaries to all horse disciplines including show jumping, dressage, breeding and racing.

    Paskacheval is in its infancy in Ireland but is widely used in France, Denmark, Spain, Sweden, Belgium and The Netherlands. There are a range of products including skin care, hoof care, leg care, leather care and of course nutritional supplements, minerals and very specific breeding products. 

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