What is the hoof


    A hoof, often described as a horny box, serves as a protective covering for the internal structures of a horse's foot. Comprising the sole, frog, and visible wall, the hoof's flexibility and moisture levels are crucial for maintaining its elasticity and acting as a cushion during the horse's movements.

    Why is hoof care essential?

    Hooves are integral to a horse's mobility, playing a key role in propulsion and absorbing shocks. Proper hoof care is vital to prevent issues like cracks, fissures, corns, and thrush. Regular visual inspections and appropriate care are necessary, with cleaning and suitable treatments varying based on the horse's living conditions, activity level, climate, and horseshoeing practices.

    How to care for your horse’s hooves?

    Due to factors like living conditions and activity, hooves can deteriorate quickly. Regular cleaning and suitable care, adjusted to seasonal needs, are essential. Winter may require drying ointments with Norway tar to protect against moisture, while summer calls for moisturizing ointments and hoof oils to prevent excessive dryness. Blacksmith advice is valuable for specific treatments and addressing emerging foot problems.

    Hoof Growth and Nutritional Support

    The hoof wall grows about one centimeter monthly, influenced by factors like physical activity and proper nutrition. Nutrient-rich horse feed supports healthy hoof growth, but deficiencies can affect horn quality. In cases of slow growth, especially challenging for blacksmiths, biotin treatment is often recommended. Paskabiotin 2015, a biotin formulation by PaskaCheval, is a food supplement administered over several months to strengthen and stimulate hoof growth.

    PaskaCheval's Support

    For year-round healthy feet and robust horn quality, PaskaCheval offers a range of products, including biotin and various ointments for external use.

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