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    Promoting Equine Joint Health and Mitigating Osteoarthritis Risks

    Understanding Osteoarthritis and Its Associated Risks

    Osteoarthritis is a condition characterized by the degradation of cartilage, inflammation, and the potential for cracks in the affected joints. Over time, it weakens the ends of joint bones, exerting a long-term impact on the horse's musculoskeletal system. In horses, osteoarthritis commonly manifests as stiffness or lameness, particularly in cold conditions, accompanied by heat and swelling in the inflamed joints. Veterinarians typically utilize imaging examinations, such as x-rays and ultrasounds, to confirm these symptoms.

    Addressing Osteoarthritis and Providing Joint Support

    The approach to treating osteoarthritis depends on its severity and stage of development. Adapting the horseshoe to incorporate orthopedic shoes with a rolled design and shock absorption can facilitate improved movement and pain relief. Veterinarians often prescribe anti-inflammatory treatments or infiltrations in conjunction with appropriate horseshoe modifications. Additionally, treatments involving Harpagophytum may be suggested to alleviate joint pain.

    Adapting the horse's workload to its tolerance level is crucial, avoiding strenuous activities, particularly on hard ground. While it's essential not to halt the horse's work completely, ensuring it maintains good physical condition, supporting joint health also involves providing a well-balanced diet. Nutritional deficiencies can heighten the risk of compromised bone and joint growth.

    Taking proactive measures is crucial due to the progressive nature of osteoarthritis. Early intervention is recommended to preserve joint health and minimize cartilage degradation over months and years. Elderly and athletic horses, subjected to increased joint stress, can benefit from supplements designed to support cartilage and maintain joint flexibility.

    Introducing PASKAFLEX: an Innovative Joint Support Compound

    PASKAFLEX stands out as an innovative formula containing chondoprotective nutrients like glucosamine, chondroitin, and MethylSulfonylMethane (MSM). These elements work synergistically to support cartilage health and enhance mineralization, contributing to overall joint well-being.


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